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LGBT population in the print media in Serbia 2012.

The report “LGBT population in print media in Serbia 2012.” is the result of review and the analysis of media coverage about LGBT population during the last year and establishing a relationship of knowledge and understanding of the analyzed phenomena with the specific and concrete social and political context of today’s Serbia

Media coverage is “of the essential importance for the public perception of the stakeholders, it influence formation of a social attitude towards the minorities, including their public acceptance or rejection” (Milivojević, 2012: 13). Considering the media influence in both political and social life, it is necessary to arrange and improve the area of media coverage about LGBT population (through researching and responsible journalism, a deeper understanding and knowledge about LGBT population).

Photo: Flickr via creative commons

Photo: Flickr via creative commons

Journalists should gather and forward the information of public importance. The laws provide the legal frame for effective media actions, but the freedom of expression also implies responsibility, which is, among other things, regulated by the ethical codes of journalism. It is important that the journalists themselves go through continual education about professional reporting about sensitive social topics with the representatives of LGBT groups, which have been engaged in this field for a long time, but also through learning about good practices in the region and the surrounding countries. The existence of the legislation, as well as the journalistic code of ethics, is not the guarantee of responsible and ethical reporting, because the monitoring of the media coverage confirms that mechanisms of discrimination, hate speech and homophobic discourse still exist.

Download here “LGBT in print media in Serbia 2012″, edited by Jelena Visnjic