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Political Leadership Training for LGBT People in the Balkans

A three-day training “LGBT Political Leadership– Myself as a Change Maker”, organized by Labris, Gay and Lesbian Victory Institute and NDI, in cooperation with the Heinrich Boll Foundation, was successfully carried out from May 23 to May 25, 2014 in Belgrade

This training was the first out of six planned training sessions, and has gathered twenty participants from the Balkans region. Training sessions are a first phase of a broader three-year project “Political Engagement of LGBT People – Training for Political Leadership” supported by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID ) and the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice.


The aim of the training was to provide the participants with insight and background information on the role of LGBT persons as potential leaders in changing political realities and actors of the democratization of the society. Through various sessions participants have been provided with arguments for the importance of inclusion of LGBT persons in the processes of democratization, and have also been offered with examples of good practices that exist around the world, as well as examples of personal experiences of LGBT politicians in Serbia, including possible consequences and safety issues related to their political engagement. In addition, the participants had an opportunity to learn about leadership skills and political strategies, as well as ways to recognize the importance of good assessment of circumstances in relation to identifying possible means to achieve political change.

Training sessions have been tailored to meet participant’s expectations, including developing their personal and professional capacities, in relation to political, leadership and communication skills, as well as increasing knowledge about lobbying and advocating for LGBT rights. Six cycles of trainings will also be an excellent opportunity for networking with other participants from the region, while exchanging experiences.

The second cycle of trainings entitled “Political Systems in the Balkans” will be held in Belgrade from 21-22 June, 2014, during which participants will have an opportunity to learn from Christina Wilford, the regional director of National Democratic Institute in Ukraine, and an expert in the area of policy development and citizen’s advocacy.

The Belgrade Pride week POSTPONED


Due to the natural disaster that has struck Serbia, the Organizing Committee of the Belgrade Pride, the team of volunteers and the numerous associates would like to express their deepest sympathy and solidarity with the citizens of Serbia.

The activists of LGBT organisations are already in the field. They are helping to suppress the floods, collecting food, clothing and footwear, and using all available resources to assist the affected population.

We are proud of the citizens of Serbia for the courage and humaneness that they have demonstrated in the battle with the elements of nature. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the members of the police forces, army, gandarmerie and all the volunteers that are unselfishly helping to save human lives.

The Organizing Committee of the Belgrade Pride expresses its gratitude to all those that have taken part in the organization of the Pride Week and invites the LGBT community, and all citizens who are able to do so, to focus their energy in the following days on providing assistance to the population affected by the floods.

The new dates for the Pride Week will be communicated to the public in due course.


The Organizing Committee of the Belgrade Pride

Political Leadership Training for LGBT People in the Balkans


The application for “Political Leadership Training for LGBT People in the Balkans” is now open.

The trainings are designed to provide the necessary tools for LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans) individuals that want to participate in the democratic process, get involved with a political party, and attain public office.

The trainings are scheduled over six weekend sessions (all 6 are mandatory) to be held in Serbia from May to November 2014.

First training will be held on May 23-25, 2014 (three days) with the topic – LGBT Political Leadership: Myself as a Change Maker.

The goal of the training:

To provide theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, and support to LGBT leaders that want to participate in their democracies through political parties and, eventually, through election into public office.

If you are interested in participating in the training, click here to complete the application form.

More information about the training you will find here.

Should you have any question or concern please contact us.