The biggest successes:


  • The first edition of lesbian newspaper in former Yugoslavia was printed. To this day, 27 editions were published, each 500 copies.


  • In 1997 along with “Kasandra” from Slovenia, Labris was one of the oraganizers of the first lesbian week – “Lesbian rights are human rights”. The meeting was held in Slovenia gathering 
  • 25 lesbians from all former Yugoslavian republics and represented the turning point for small lesbian movement in the region.


  • Every year Labris denotes and celebrates The Pride day with different public manifestations and through this occasion promotes lesbian rights as human rights. In 2001 cooperating with Gayten – LGBT group and with the support from other gay and lesbian groups, Labris organized the first gay and lesbian Pride Parade in Serbia entitled “There is room for all of us”.


  • In 2002, cooperating with Gayten, Queeria and with help of other lesbian and gay groups, Labris accomplished one-month media campaign “Different together” with intention to sensibilize the public on gay and lesbian existence. The campaign was conducted in Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad, video was broadcasted on TV, jingle was aired on the radio, posters were printed and stickers and postcards were sent to the government, politicians, non-government organizations and other individuals in Serbia and abroad as well.


  • In 2006 members of Labris participated in making of three-year National activity plan in order to improve position of women and gender equality.
  • From 2006, 7 seminaries on lesbian human rights were carried out, with participation of 113 lesbians and women of different sexual orientation than heterosexual.


  • with support of other LGBT groups, Labris started a campaign “Love for all” against violence and discrimination against lesbians and gay men. The campaign embraced publishing bilboards, printing postacards, posters and leaflets. The campaign was supported by Asotiation Duga (Sabac), Geyten LGBT (Belgrade), LAMBADA (Nis-Kragujevac), LGBT SOS (Belgrade), NLO (Novi Sad) , Queer Belgrade collective (Belgrade), Queeria (Belgrade), Safe pulse of youth (Belgrade), Taboo (Zrenjanin) and Swedish Helsinki Committeee.


  • Labris finally gets a response from Serbian Medical Society on demand sent in 2005 which confirms official stand of World Health Organisation – that same-sex orientation is not a disease.
  • Starts the first criminal proceeding against the organized attack of member of clero-fascist organization (Obraz) at the participants of Belgrade Queer Festival.
  • starts education of employees in institutions (social work centers, schools, hospitals etc.) involved in advisory work. To this day, 36 seminars were held and 540 experts were trained.


  • In April 2009, after more than four years of lobbying of Coalition againt discrimination, whose member is Labris, the anti-discrimination-law was finally adopted.


  • With the support of The Ministry of Culture, were held four performances of Forum Theatre “The power of dialogue” aimed for students and high-school teachers.
  • In cooperation with Youth Office Novi Beograd, Labris entered high-schools for the first time. The project “I want to tell you” included five one-day seminars for high-school teachers of Novi Beograd.


  • Labris jointly with Association Duga (Sabac), Women Space (Nis), Gayten-LGBT, organized trainings on theme of LGBT Youth. Project was funded by Office for Human and Minority Rights;
  • Labris organizes basic training for lawyers on “Representing LGBT people in court process” Labris organized seventh training for high school professors and pedagogues, psychologists;
  • Labris sport group “FemSlam” participated on “EuroGames”, organized by European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation. Members of “FemSlam” won golden medal in cross running, and basketball team was fourth in their competition;
  • Labris within campaign for placing on procedure drafted law on same sex partnership conducted research on public opinion on same sex partnership;
  • Labris within media campaign filmed two video clip for promoting draft law on same sex partnership;
  • Labris jointly with Association Duga, Gayten LGBTIQ, Safe Pulse of Youth, Izađi – support group for young gay man, Queeria Center formed coalition “Jointly against homophobia”, developed and structured a Platform for inclusive collaboration among LGBT organizations. Project was funded by Institute for Sustainable Communities.


  • After conducting situational testing in municipalities of Belgrade, Labris submitted complaints to Commission for Equality for standardizing procedures for obtaining free marital status for registering partnership in EU countries;
  • Labris started implementing project on monitoring Hate Crime cases for period from 2008 to 2013;
  • Labris organized eight training for high school professors and pedagogues, psychologists;

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