Labris team

Aleksandra Gavrilović
Program Coordinator for Education

Foto: Labris

Photo: Labris

She was born in Smederevo, 1980, where she finished high school. She studied Andragogy at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She has also completed an advanced level of rational-emotive behavior therapy. Fields of interest: lesbian activism, human rights, queer feminism and psychotherapy.

contact: aleksandra.gavrilovic[at]


Jelena Vasiljević
Program Coordinator for Information center

Foto: Labris

Photo: Labris

She was born in Belgrade, 1978, where she graduated “Legal and Business School” as Legal Technician. Fields of interest: activism, human rights, feminism and psychotherapy. Jelena believes in the potential of every individual to change the world and believes in activism.

contact: jelena.vasiljevic[at]


Jovanka Todorović
Lobbying and Advocacy Program Coordinator

Foto: Medija centar

Photo: Medija centar

Jovanka works in Labris since 2010. as a program coordinator for lobbying and advocacy. Currently she is working on one of the largest Labris goals: promoting and adopting Same sex partnership Law. Born in Belgrade, she graduated from International Relations on the Faculty of Political Sciences. She was working in government and non-government sector. Jovanka writes short stories, and likes to enrich her knowledge in the field of modern history and interior decorations.

contact: jovanka.todorovic[at]


Aleksandra Pešić

Foto: Labris

Photo: Labris

She was born in 1968. in Belgrade. She was educated and raised in Belgrade. Employed in Labris since 2006. Fields of interest: the rights of women, children and animals.

contact: aleksandra.pesic[at]


Dragana Todorović
Lobbying and Advocacy Consultant

Foto: Labris

Photo: Labris

Within the Labris’ Department for Lobbying and Advocacy, Dragana Todorovic is focused on influencing processes that lead towards better implementation of existing laws and by-laws, as well as on advocating for the adoption of new legislation. Currently, her work is dedicated to advocating for the adoption of the Law on registered same-sex partnerships, and adequate implementation of Anti-discrimination Law and National Strategy against Discrimination. Dragana Todorovic holds a BA in Politics and International Relations (London School of Economics) and an MA in Gender Studies (Central European University, Budapest), and has conducted and published numerous research and policy papers on issues of gender equality and LGBT rights.

contact: dragana.todorovic[at]

Dragoslava Barzut
​Communications Specialist

Foto: Labris

Foto: Labris

Dragoslava is a writer, performer and blogger. She won the first award for her short story “The last hour is the longest, plus bonus track” at the short story festival “Odakle zovem”. That story has also been placed in the regional anthology “Out of corridor – the best short story 2011.” She published a collection of short stories “Zlatni metak” (The golden bullet) – “Đuro Đukanov” award for the best manuscript 2011. Dragoslava is the editor of the regional anthology “Decent Life”, a collection of short lesbian stories from the Ex-Yu region. She also blogs for on women’s issues as well as the regional literary scene.

contact: dragoslava.barzut[at]


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